I’m Thalita Torres, a Lead Product Designer currently working at Creditas, a brazilian unicorn unicorn.

Connect user needs and business goals in web projects, mobile apps, illustrations and icons.

Illustrations & Icons

Illustrations bring dynamism and identity to any project. Even though I am not an illustrator, I venture into some projects to make the interfaces more friendly.

work example

Interfaces, Applications and Websites

Development of research & visual interfaces for applications, dashboards and websites, based on customer, users and business needs.


About me

With over 10 years of experience, I started in the world of design in the graphic area, developing visual identities for small and medium sized companies, in addition to the whole offline universe. This gave me an excellent basis for design principles.

Over the years I have noticed a great need for improvement in the usability of some digital products and I asked myself, “How can I improve my experience and, consequently, of people?” Then I discovered the digital design.

Today I focus on people’s experience and usability of any platform, without leaving the visual aside.

Work done for clients such as Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and a bunch of nice companies around the world.

thalita torres

In free time I’m always reading a book or planning the next trip. Oh, and I love photography.


Get in touch

Do you live nearby? How about we have a cup of coffee?
Or rather, a very cold tea (don’t forget, I’m in São Paulo Smile)
Live far away? Don’t worry, for partnerships, business inquiries or just for
saying hi, send a “holla chica” to hi@thalitatorres.com.br.